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Purebred Labrador Puppies


Purebred Labrador Retriever
We currently don't have 
purebred puppies. Please keep checking for more updates. If Ruby has more puppies than expected we will update the website and our Facebook page!

What is a dilute Labrador?


A dilute Labrador has all of the same wonderful qualities as any other Labrador Retriever. The only difference is dilute Labradors are bred to have a gene that dilutes their usual coat color.

​​Silver labs are a variation of the chocolate lab.

Champagne labs are a variation of a yellow lab.


Great companions, Labs lively, fun and adorable personalities.

We require a $200 deposit to hold your place in the picking order. Pups will be picked in the order in which the deposits are received. Pups can be picked out at anytime.

Deposits may be made by cash, check, money order, PayPal, but final payment must be paid in cash or PayPal.

At the time of pickup, the puppies will be microchipped, 1st set of shots and paperwork for the new owner to register them with the AKC.

Both parents are AKC registered. Breeding rights are available.

To view the Stud, J-Dub's information, visit

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2019 Puppies - Sold

2019 Puppies - Sold

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2019 Puppies Playing - Sold

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